Privacy Policy

Daido Metal sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daido”) recognizes the importance of properly managing and protecting personal information, and has established the below policy for that purpose.

1. Collection of personal information
Daido collects personal information by appropriate means and only to the extent necessary. Except where legally permitted otherwise, we either announce the purpose of use prior to collecting the information or provide notification thereof promptly after collecting it. Whenever directly collecting information from an individual in writing, we make the purpose of use known in advance.

2. Use of personal information
We use personal information only to the extent necessary for achieving the specified purpose. Before using personal information beyond the intended scope, we seek the permission of the concerned individual(s), except where legally permitted otherwise.

3. Management of personal information
We strive to maintain personal information accurate and up-to-date, and have adequate measures to safeguard such information in our possession. These include, but are not limited to, educating, training and supervising employees on the importance of information security; placing people in every department in charge of security; and preventing illegal access, loss, falsification, leaking, destruction and damage of personal information in our possession.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties
We do not provide personal information to third parties without the permission of the concerned individual(s) or unless legally permitted otherwise. Whenever personal information is provided to third parties with the permission of the concerned individual(s) or legally, we provide such information only to the extent necessary and appropriately supervise those third parties by binding them to a confidentiality agreement.

5. Disclosure, correction and cessation of use of personal information
We appropriately fulfill requests made by the concerned individual(s) to disclose, correct or cease the use of personal information, as required by law.

6. Observance of laws and norms
In handling personal information, we uphold all laws and regulations relating to personal information security, including first and foremost Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law, plus all obligations specified in ministerial guidelines and this Privacy Policy.

7. Inquiries about personal information
We continuously strive to improve internal structures to quickly and appropriately process personal information complaints from individuals. Inquiries about personal information can be placed with the below office:
Daido Metal sales Co., Ltd. - Administration Group
TEL: +81-568-61-1367

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We use personal information in our possession for the following purposes:

・Personal information of customer representatives
・To contact and discuss business, meet or negotiate with
・To notify about products
・To deliver products ordered by the customer representative
・Others interactions necessary for doing business

Personal information of recruits
・To provide information to and contact recruits
・To use on recruiting test documents
・To screen recruits

Personal information of employees, their families, related parties, etc.
・For labor management of the Company's employees
・To provide welfare benefits
・For emergency contact

Personal information provided online through Daido’s official website
・To respond to inquiries
・To send requested information, etc.
・To inform you about product information
・To ask for feedback on our products and services
・To research the number of times of browsing

Personal information provided in disclosure requests, etc.
・To respond to inquiries

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